A city sprung from nature.

A community sustained by it.

Welcome to Champlain urban village, a neighborhood that offers different types of apartments for rent.

Close to the Champlain bridge, this new urban village was designed to be one with nature, to provide locally-sourced shops and  cafés, connect with public parks and green spaces, as well as answer a growing need for a variety of living spaces.

Let’s learn more about it together.

With over 32% of protected natural spaces on the site itself, we’re ensuring that the ecological link between the Ottawa River and Gatineau Park remains vital.

Here are some other measures we’re taking:

  • We’re working with forest engineers to protect our mature forests as well as our wetlands. We’re planting native flowers & plants that require zero fertilizers, which promotes biodiversity.
  • We’re encouraging food independence by providing large community gardens with rainwater collection and fruit trees, and making them accessible to all.

Sustainable living steeped in nature, from pond to park.

As developers, our responsibility goes well beyond building. We must enable residents to live their full lives while reducing their environmental footprint. We take this responsibility with grace, gratitude and grit.

Preserving the existing natural environment is at the forefront of our design, action and commitment.

Sustainable transportation.
A connected community.

Individual car use is one of the greatest sources of pollution in Quebec. In fact, it accounts for 22% of the pollution generated in the province. That’s why we created a neighbourhood that reduces dependency on cars and increases more sustainable and healthier ways to get around.

Accessible and located at the edge of the Champlain Bridge, Champlain offers a variety of reduced vehicle and public transportation options.

As such, we’re considered a secure Transit Oriented and Pedestrian Oriented project, or “Tod & Pod”. This is defined as a neighbourhood that increases alternative transportation use and makes it easier to walk from one’s home to the transit station and shops.

This Tod & Pod neighbourhood is 100% user-friendly and aims to reduce car use by up to 60%.

New living spaces to welcome a growing population

It’s estimated that 47,000 homes will be required, 53% of which will be west of the downtown core. 

Champlain will provide a living solution for this growing population.

  • At the heart of Champlain, you will find the Commons, a square where residents can gather, enjoy entertainment, shop and dine.
  • Active lifestyle: Champlain offers beautiful and secure public bike paths, parks and walking trails.
  • We also offer shared workspaces with daycare services nearby, as well as commercial spaces, which encourages residents to work in the neighborhood, thus limiting their commuting time.

Champlain is proud to encourage local businesses by offering competitive rent options that will allow them to flourish in a vibrant environment.

All in all, living at Champlain is living well. It’s a lifestyle steeped in nature, activity, community and innovation. It’s a place to work, play, grow and gather. And, a community that values all the perks of a big city in a quaint and sustainable way.

A complete living environment.

Our environmentally friendly densification means we can offer the community all the perks of the city within a nature setting.

There’s something for everyone at Champlain. From young families to single professionals or retirees looking for the perfect place to live, we cater to all.

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